Breathe! Breathe!

俗語說攀爬裂隙 - 「就是一個尺寸一個境界,哪一個尺寸是你的舒適天堂、又哪些尺寸是你的磨難煉獄」- 力欣

I Think Climbing Is A Infinite Challenge, No Route Is The Hardest.

From Climbing Documentary "DREAM COME TRUE"

“Life Is Short, Explore The Unseen.”

Every photo have story behind, if you go into it, you will find out there is another world.

"In Front Of The Rock, Everyone Is Equal."

From Climbing Documentary "FROM DUMPLINGS TO ROCK"

"I Think You See Result Once You Isolate One Thing, You See Result."

From Climbing Documentary "THE BLACK HOLE"

They Love Climbing So Much That Can Give Up Everything For It.

From Climbing Documentary "6.87 INCHES"